About the Artist

John NiemanJohn Nieman has worked in the creative arena for the past thirty years, and has enjoyed the opportunity to excel in many forms of artistic endeavor.

His pieces are influenced by his background as an international advertising creative director, music director, author, and chef. As an artist, his work is characterized by striking composition, crisp colors, and strong shadows. He has a photo realistic sensibility, and favors the high contrast media of pastels or a combination of watercolor and pastels.

His work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and museums throughout every region of the U.S., and in Europe.

In addition, Mr. Nieman is the author of more than two dozen books, and separate tabs on this site will direct you to those areas.

The paintings shown on this website come from several discreet approaches:

The Sporting Life These pictures capture the calm after a very kinetic storm. The basic concept is a still life, inspired by the active sporting pursuits of his five children. They represent a frozen moment in an otherwise, non-stop blur of activity.

The Music Series The emotion and escape of music meets the world of art. The combination is less than linear. It's usually a contrapuntal marriage between visual and the song, executed with a personal perspective.

Visual Riddles The connection between words and images is powerful-especially when the link is playful and less than overt. The background is a pop culture list, anchored by a key visual which plays off the theme of the picture.

Postcards Many of the artist's pieces have been converted to greeting cards, paid off with surprising and engaging sentiments. These can be ordered in groups of ten in a boxed set. Perfect for personal use, or as a gift.

The Art Books Many of Mr. Nieman’s paintings have been chronicled in in four unique art books, Art of Lists, Art of More Lists, Art of Even More Lists, and Art of Lists IV. In addition his popular art/fiction genres have yielded two books: Art with a Story and Art with a Story 2. Each painting is accompanied by a verse which expands upon the themes.

The Other Books Here there is a dramatic contrast. His three crime novels--The Wrong Number One, Blue Morpho, and Close Call--delve into the darkly comic world of fame, power and status. On the other hand, his lighthearted treatment of Kids from A-Z celebrates the diversity of dreams and his female-friendly children's book, The Amazing Rabbitini extols the magical, secret ambitions inherent in us all.