The Other Books

His first novel, The Wrong Number One, centers on the ambitious, amoral world of America’s most powerful music kingpin. In order to preserve his status and financial perks, Tony Macucci must catapult a faded pop icon to the top of  the charts. He ingeniously decides that the best way to do so is to put a hit on the man at a poetic, opportune moment. Trouble is, Tony begins to admire the old singer, and finds it is more difficult to call off a hit than to create one.

The second novel, Blue Morpho, deals with abduction envy. Inspired by the fact that his client has  been generously ransomed, released and promoted into the stratosphere, advertising superstar Marco Venesius decides to one-up the event by staging his own more lucrative kidnapping. Unfortunately, his hand-picked cast of captors decides to make this a legitimate abduction with potentially deadly consequences.

Nieman’s first children’s book, The Amazing Rabbitini, is created for anyone who feels he or she must live in someone else’s shadow. Tired of her role as a magician’s prop, Rabbitini decides to strike out on her own, and convince the world that each of us has the power to make our secret ambitions come true. Illustrated by Karen Laurence, The Amazing Rabbitini is written is a poetic tale for kids of all ages. Click here to watch the video trailer of The Amazing Rabbitini

His other children’s book, is called KIDS from A-Z. In these poetic profiles of American kids, the reader discovers that each kid as strengths, dreams, fears and insecurities. Along the way, the reader learns some alphabet skills without even trying.

Three-Minute Shorts is a compilation of 100 very short stories, and a mosaic of the human zoo around us. Each story is 600 words, Each can be read in three-minutes or less. Some are funny. Some are shocking. Some are sweet. Some are dark. All are fun to discover.

Curiosity compels the main character in Close Call to overhear a private telephone conversation, follow that lead, only to witness a brutal murder. Trouble is, he becomes the logical prime suspect in a NYC manhunt. It will take burglaries, murders, wiretaps, and a very savvy girlfriend to counter the mounting incriminating evidence.

Goodbye 72 is a memoir of 30 years in the same home where five children were raised, and many successes and heatbreaks were housed. It confronts the empty nesting experience and embarks on hopes for a fresh start late in life.

Chapters of a Life is a short story collection that centers on one man’s life – a certain Chaz Conner – and explores the joys and heartbreaks of a popular correspondent.

Deeply engrossing and yet objectively simple, this encompassing view of an ambitious man’s pursuit of a dream will strike an empathetic chord or inspire the unmotivated.” – Julia Ann Carpenter, Clarion Reviews.

The Days After Christmas. A novella that features a lonely woman who really needs to rediscover the Christmas spirit. Inspired by the forgotten heroes in her hometown, she anonymously gives gifts to them for weeks, barely evades the media spotlight and meets a modern-day Santa Claus along the way. Click here to watch the video trailer of The Days After Christmas

O’Brien, Lipschitz and Partners — a parody of the world of advertising, written by one who lived it for decades.

The Owl and the Christmas Tree. Remember that owl that was found in the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree? This is the children's story of him and the worker who found him and ultimately set him free. You get to know Rocky's mind, his fears, and hopes. The watercolor illustrations are originals from the author. Written in rhyme, it's a sweet story to read to your children, or to your dear spouse, if you want to capture the spirit of Christmas. Click here to watch the video trailer of The Owl and the Christmas Tree

Political Heat. Graham Kruse is an extraordinary politician with one major flaw: he's a touchy/feely elected official who likes to kiss women, and likes to be seduced by women. When not so tempted, he is quite an amazing mayor of New York City, and later, as our ambassador to the United Nations. He's also a caring father to two young children after his inevitable divorce. However, his shortcomings may break him, unless he can ever actually and one true, enduring love.