Art Books

“Duplicitous charm.”
“Tongue-in-cheek humor.”
“Lighthearted opinion.”

According to a Kirkus review, Art of Lists is “charming mixed media ensemble that invites rather than alienates.”

It includes 45 paintings, with accompanying poetry that punctuates the topics. The book deals with themes as diverse as famous chunkies, the greatest combos in history… all the way to the most embarrassing political flip-flips in our time.

On the heels of this, Mr. Nieman then published a sequel of 45 new adventurous pieces, called Art of More Lists. Topics include colorful speakers, heroes of our day, and all the things that make New York the Big Apple.

The third installment in this series is called Art of Even More Lists. These images include some larger pieces, historical time capsules, and political riddles. Many have been shown in galleries in the US and abroad.

Who says 3 is the magic number? Art of Lists IV proves this series has curious and contemporary “legs.”–that capture themes of music, movies, and international pop culture.

Mr. Nieman’s newest art oriented book is a double-jointed effort called Art with a Story. It’s original art. Original fiction. The short stories are loosely based upon the images, often in an ironic twisted way. The combination of art and stories runs the gamut from humorous to heroic, sad to surprising, whimsical to wonderful.

Art with a Story 2 continues the multi-tasking approach to creativity. It contains sixty-seven new paintings and an equal number of off-center short stories which vaguely intersect in a provocative way.

Art with a Story IIIFresh art and fresh flash fiction in a volume that is probably the most daring of the series—dealing with love, breakups, temptations, and trepidations.

“This book has more creativity, inspiration, and enjoyment: beautifully packaged into a mere 139 pages of mind-altering originality, than just about anything I have read.”

Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review Star. For the full review, click here.

What is Missing? showcases Mr. Nieman’s new art installation and features milk cartons evocative of those missing children. However, in this contemporary iteration, the cartons capture missing American values.  Each is accompanied with a conversational and light-hearted social essay.  As the editor of Freisen Press called it, “A treat for the eyes, and the gray matter, too.”

The Wanted Book is a celebration of luminaries—both alive and dead—who have made an indelible mark on the world. To honor such people, Mr. Nieman shares a compendium of role models presented as Old West wanted posters. Entertainers, social activists, political figures, sports heroes and business leaders from the United States and abroad grace the pages of The Wanted Book with a tribute that chronicles the wonder of what they have done in this world.

Art with a Recipe is a unique compendium of artistic recipes from five continents, creatively interpreted and easily presented. “This is a very approachable cookbook, given Nieman’s friendly style and amusing notes on each recipe. ” -Blue Ink review.

Life... and that other thing A series of original art and original flash fiction that deals with the major passages of life—birth, growth, missed opportunities, lucky happenstances, and death.


Art of List V This is a book of visual riddles. The main thrust of the book is a realistic watercolor painting over a list of names, events, movies, or quotes that somehow relate and amplify the main visual image. Consequently, you have the splash of an artistic impact aimed at your heart with a list that provokes your mind. The accompanying poetry simply wraps it up in a very satisfying bow. The combination is a treat for the eye and tickle for the mind.