Hollywood Book Reviews – The Owl and the Christmas Tree

A truly unique Christmas story, The Owl and The Christmas Tree by John Nieman, is a children’s picture book inspired by a true story about a little owl that was found in the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York City in 2020. This remarkable tale of how little Oscar, the owl, travels to New York City and becomes known as Rocky is told in colorful watercolor pictures and creative rhymes.

Oscar is minding his own owl business when the great big tree he is living in is cut down, but he stays put as people load it on a truck and transport it many hours away to New York City. Finally, the tree is placed upright and one special worker, Gus, notices the little lonely owl way up in the branches. Despite other workers’ advice to ignore Oscar, Gus gets a long ladder and gently retrieves Oscar from the tree. The little owl becomes a huge hit with the local media. Suddenly, everyone is calling him Rocky. Gus and Rocky have become local stars. Everyone wants to ask Gus questions and see photos of little Rocky. Gus takes him to a shelter where Rocky will be safe. Eventually, Gus gets the honor of releasing Rocky back to his home in the woods. But Rocky manages to find a nearby town and a TV, too. He gets to witness the televised lighting of his old tree from an open window. Everyone will remember when a cute little owl joined in for New York City’s annual Christmas celebration.

John Nieman has cleverly rhymed the indelible events that took place in the winter of 2020 and has added aspects, like giving an idea of what little Rocky thought about everything, to make it more interesting and interactive for kids. It is a great read-aloud book for families. I thought The Owl and The Christmas Tree was a charming and heart-warming story. This was my first time learning of this unprecedented occurrence and I love the author’s idea of documenting it in a children’s picture book.

I think small children and many Americans of all ages that are familiar with the annual Rockefeller Christmas tree will be delighted by this imaginative and engaging book.

Title: The Owl and The Christmas Tree
Author: John Nieman
Publisher: PageTurner Press and Media
ISBN: 978-1638716426
Pages: 34
Genre: Illustrated Children’s Fiction
Reviewed by: Michaela Gordoni

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