Hollywood Book Reviews – Political Heat

Being a politician has its benefits and its drawbacks, the praise and the boos ebbing and flowing with each change in the news cycle. One has to possess a strong fortitude to run for elected office, never mind staying in elected office. Graham Kruse is the fair-haired Mayor of New York City. He has had a lengthy political career, starting as a successful prosecutor. A friend and colleague convinces him to run for the Mayoral race in New York.

Graham is charming and smart. He is married to his loyal and lovely wife Linda. They are starting a family. Graham’s attributes seem vote-worthy, but where does substance end and quality begin? Graham is affectionate with colleagues, especially female colleagues. An ambitious photographer snaps a shot of Graham and one of his top aides in a restaurant, capturing a kiss on the hand. The blow-up in the tabloids nearly derails Graham’s campaign and his marriage, but Graham and his campaign get out in front of the story. Their honesty is refreshing and the story dies out. Graham bounces back from the distraction with a victory in the Mayoral primaries.

The people of New York City desire change. The Kruse campaign wants to deliver by reforming the education system and making it affordable for lower income families. Kruse wants to make the employment market more equitable by providing incentives to companies that hire more women. Graham’s workaholic habits start to affect his family, and his wandering eye leads to infidelity. Linda is crestfallen, but resolves to keep their separation quiet as long as Graham doesn’t contest any aspects of their divorce. Graham’s political career is undeterred, his initiatives are going over favorably. As his star rises, politicians of higher caliber are clued into Graham’s potential. The President tasks Graham with meeting with distinguished figures from other countries as a potential springboard for a Cabinet level appointment. Graham takes to this opportunity with relish, the potential seemingly limitless. But will his peccadilloes lead to his downfall?

Political Heat is a travel into the muck and mire of leadership in Government. Graham is smart and capable, but also verging on egotistical. He doesn’t view his own flaws as possible landmines to his future. The potential for Graham to emerge as a historically important leader is there, but his own hubris tears his family in two and could’ve killed his career. As the story progresses, his caddish ways continue illustrating no lesson was learned. The book benefits on its political interactions between Graham and his opponents, also in elections and family dynamic, qualities which could have been expanded on.  Author John Nieman’s Political Heat can claim to be art following reality, or does reality get its ideas from writer’s art?  It goes both ways in this timely novel.

Title:  Political Heat
Author:  John Nieman
Publisher:  GoldTouch Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-1955955720
Genre:  Fiction/Politics & Government
Pages:  174
Reviewed by:  Philip Zozzaro 

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